25. Bree-Defined




past tense: redefined; past participle: redefined

  1. define again or differently.



Re-defining myself is the biggest challenge of all.  This challenge will be difficult because not only will I be defining myself for ME.  I will be defining my character for you all.  Apparently I have made some mistakes that I need to “face” sooner or later.  The issue I have with that is at what point are my mistakes my business.  At what point can I stop feeling the pressure of other peoples judgment’s.  I used to think I never cared what other peoples opinions of me were.  As the years have past I have come to realize how truly wrong that idea was.  I clearly have always cared.  It would explain my crave for strangers and new worlds.  My crave to force myself into a person that I didn’t recognize as well as my wish for people to know who and what I really am


Who I WISH to be.
Who I am GOING to be.





My Thoughts
My Attitude
My Pride
My Vanity.
My Feelings
My Hopes
My Dreams
My Future
My Past
My Present
My Reputation.

“It takes education to change your reputation, from bad to good”
-Chris Rene


I will be the change that I wish to see in the world.  I want everything to be rainbows and butterflies all the time!  I wanna be the sunshine that the room was missing before I walked in.  I want to fall in love with everyone and every moment and every opportunity from now until the end of my days.






Jeremiah is judging a fight in at four bears casino in two and a half hours so I have to start getting ready. 


dress or pants…..
just don’t know.

curly hair or straight!?
just don’t know.


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