27. Shark Bites



I have managed to steadily blog every day since day 12 where I missed a couple days due to being trapped in the middle of freaking..




Managed to get out of the house tonight to go shoot some pool with J.  It felt good to get out and laugh and forget about my woes.  You know all those woes I whine about on the regular.

I forgot how excellent I am at playing pool.  First game I almost smoked the guy ( he was drunkie ) but I managed to lose because his balls looked like skittles on the table and I couldn’t get around them.  I used to be such a pool shark.  I remember Rene and I would be at the watering hole every single night with full ownership of the table standing there like..

“you better try and beat one of us, go ahead.. try”

Sure miss those days.  Not to mention that woman.  Good people are far and few.  Rene is one of those people.  The kind of person who will have your back even if you turn your back on her while your obsessing over your own selfish issues..  As soon as you turn back around she is always there smiling and calling me her beezy.  She was one of those rare people who befriended me before I could befriend her…..

Normally I’m the first one to say hiya!

My very first wifey!

two thumbs




I’m shouting you out.  Your absolutely beautiful inside and out.  I love your page riddled with so many beautiful words scattered across the screen.  I clearly do not know you, but someone so young with so much passion can be NOTHING but beautiful.  PASSION IS BEAUTY  You could have every single blessing that people consider traditional beauty physically and lack so greatly in depth that your beauty is lost completely.
Your blessed.
don’t ever forget that.  Your beautiful face is merely and enhancement to your beautiful soul.

We need to recognize strangers more often.
Strangers need strangers….for we are all a little lost without one another.



Well off to bed I go.  To dance with fairies and butterflies and frolic with elves in my dreams.

like my daddy always said every night before I went to bed  (without failure I add)

I love you.
God bless you.
God bless your dreams and
God bless your life
So your dreams come true.

So I’m a daddies girl.
what of it.






One thought on “27. Shark Bites

  1. It’s important to have a friend who will support you even though there are times you may be selfish and completely forget about them. It’s a sign of a true friend, that and somebody who is there to see your worst moments.

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