Beautifully Broken



Little porcelain doll.

So fragile and small.

Tiny delicate features

With Rosy cheeks and all.

Her details paint a story.

A story that you will never know.

For the artist holds the blueprint.

which he will never ever show.

Treat her with care.

from her dresses to her hair.




Little porcelain doll

so fragile and small.

Her cracks hold her secrets.

they show from the stresses.

handle with care

for she only lessons

if she should fall

surly she’ll crumble

secrets and all


9 thoughts on “Beautifully Broken

  1. Hope your okay…stay strong n don’t let the demons whisper in ur ear. U can do this, u got this….don’t let go of who you really are.

  2. YOU NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK! Eliminate the people in ur life that use them or you will always fall off track. Every time you fall, it’s that much harder to get back up….Just dooooo it, before the people in your life all are gone and old n dead….and ur only left with regrets.

  3. Hey Bree hope you’re doing okay…come on, chin up, the horizons calling to you, see that sun setting? tomorrow its quietly slinking over the horizon, to beckon you forth again – keep going, you can do it…you can always do it, just keep smiling – on the inside is where it really counts…:)

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