I fell across Tyrese Gibson and I truly appreciate his words.



Every video is truly inspiring and makes you reflect as an individual.







He said something on a few of his videos that really moved me and I wanted to share…
(keep in mind I am paraphrasing Tyrese’ words.)




Coincidence is GODS way of remaining Anonymous.

God gave you a blueprint.

and he will never give you something that was meant for someone else.


really take that in

Feel secure in that.
Feel safe in that.

We always seem to
self sabotage and self defeat.
when things are going well

somewhere in our mind we associate dysfunction with success.
when your giving an attitude because your getting an attitude its a problem.
Its a CRUEL circle.

You know better but you don’t want to do better.
self sabotage and self defeat is real.

Instead just DO better.

Today was so incredibly enlightening.

Today I was blessed with coincidence and love.
I’m so appreciative of the support that I didn’t realize
was already here.

Got to sit with two very intelligent people and reflect on the truths about life, love my myself.

I hide my pain.
Physical pain I mean.
I hide it so well that I don’t even know that I am hurting.
I have literally made myself numb from stress, worry, and sorrow.

After a much needed massage.
I realized that I have created an invisible shield.
That is no longer withstanding the pressure of pain.
so much so that I’m an emotional wreck.
So much so that I have started to allow old wounds to re open.
Wounds I didn’t know existed as well as
the ones that I sutured up years ago.

therefore I need to start with my physical being.
Before I can actually heal my emotional state.
(the state of insanity in case your wondering)
Actually I need to focus on the two simultaneously.

Healers keep falling into my life.
one after another.

coincidence is gods way of remaining anonymous.

If you believe in him you will see him in everything, everyday in every way.

I didn’t know that I didn’t truly believe until I truly believed.

I’m a big book reader.
not a movie girl.

But ran across a good one today…

One that reflects the truth about the entirety of our society as a whole.
How we all truly judge one another and then damn those who cast judgments upon us.
Don’t judge a book.
it could be dirty, filthy and damaged and still be a first edition William Shakespeare.
It could be big, beautiful, and grand and still be simply just a journal of a life lived.

the movie is named.


I hope you guys go out and watch it.
Its an oldie but a goodie.

words from a “Harvard Nobody”
You shall no longer take things at second or third hand,
nor look though the eyes of the dead,
nor feed on the Spector’s in books
you shall not look through my eyes either
nor take things from me
you shall listen to all sides.
and filter them from yourself.

what are you waiting for
to drive free
to love free
to court destruction in taunts
to feed the remainder of life
in one hour of fullness and freedom
in one brief hour madness and joy 
the words of just a “bum” in the movie.

9 thoughts on “YourBlueprint.

  1. Perhaps our self-destruction is sometimes based upon a complacency. We do not sufficiently treasure and protect what is given. Like, for instance, the whole world and the senses we are given to experience it. Please accept a teddy 🐻 🙂

    • The entirety of the video where I got the self destruction excerpt said precisely that.

      his idea was that others may see you as doing well for yourself.. but tyrese says are you really doing well for your self, or are you just sustaining. Are you really doing your best.

      Its a 17 min video.. but
      one of the points he made that was so simple yet overlooked everyday. Is that our complacency makes us negative. Our complacency allows us to just sustain. We forget the importance of the golden rule. Doing your best is actually appreciating what you have and doing your best to make sure that we DO TREASURE AND PROTECT what is given to us. We should be thankful for something as simple as our jobs. We should show appreciation to our bosses every now and then. Recognize that there are millions of people struggling without work and that you are blessed to have a place. bring your boss a Starbucks and TELL him.
      Actually DO YOUR BEST.
      hand him a surprise cup of coffee and just say thank you for giving me providing me with my essential tools i am appreciative.

      I may not have translated that exactly right..
      I’m kinda a little emotional today so I probably went a little further than intended but I appreciate someone totally understanding what I am just starting to. Because its true everday we inadvertatly forget to treasure and protect the things that have been givin. At least its true for me.

      I recognize that I have inadvertently forgot to treasure and protect myself… and my senses I was given.. but im starting to relize how important it is to do that and how easily without acknowledgment and appreciation you are only taking and not giving or maybe you are giving and never taking. either way.

      Is it your best.

      again. sorry I appreciated you words somehow.
      clearly needed to hear em.

  2. I am sorry I didn’t watch the video. Not being rude but simply a very hectic day. I did read your thoughts on the matter.

    Blogging can be very therapeutic as it causes us to articulate and clarify confused feelings. Uncertainty being the only way we become free of the constraints imposed by past experience. It seems to me that you are evolving. Like yourself for it. Many don’t have the courage. 🙂

    • couldn’t have said it better.

      you really didn’t have to watch the video at all to grasp the idea (which you did grasp) I take no offense whatsoever! I blogged the main points.

      when you say that blogging helps me articulate and clarify my confused feelings…. you just blew my mind simply because those words clarify my confusion as to why blogging is therapeutic!

      silly girl.
      I am evolving.
      I am starting to like myself for it…
      and I understand why many don’t have the courage… I think even right now I question my courage…

      by forward movement, positive thought and relating with other souls.. will keep me righteous in my evolution.

      I truly appreciate so many things I never appreciated before… almost overnight.. blogging is what started that journey.

      which makes me reflect the importance of everything if something as simple as articulating my thoughts into written word is so spiritually awakening.

  3. Thanks for visiting my latest post on the vision of poets. I’m honored that you liked it. I’ve had a wonderful time wandering through your site. Thanks for introducing me to it. Beautiful…..

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