Catch it.
hold it squeeze it.
Grip it.
touch it, feel it.
what is IT?
Learn it.
study it, challenge it.
Smell it.
breathe it, taste it.
Release it.
drop it, leave it.
to really learn
what IT is.

We hold onto things in our lives.  We hide the hardest things within ourselves.  Eventually we become hard.  This hardness begins to burden our abilities to make decisions.  I think when I say “we” I might really mean me.  I hold onto things.  I am excited to work them out.  To release them.

This morning I was reflecting on my meeting with my therapist on Monday.  It was nice to just talk it out.  I look forward to next week.  I wonder if this will help me sort out my issues.  Help me figure out what I have been running from for so long.

sit there

2 thoughts on “45.

  1. I love the quote from Will Rogers.
    I have a horrible malady of late with “holding on to things”…and lately it’s been painful. It’s actually refreshing and nice to read about someone who’s working through something, if that makes any sense. It’s almost comforting and I do respect that you are…thank you.
    I have so much pinned within me right now it’s almost too painful to contemplate some moments.
    At least I’ve got my son tonight…and he just said “I love you, daddy”…so it’s not all bad, right?

    At any rate…loved reading your post:)

    • thank you! and yes babies help!

      Its funny how true the committed companion part is when it comes to depression.
      sometimes you just need someone to sit with you when you cry or are sad. Other times you need someone
      to tell you to stop being silly that its sunny outside and time to go get some ice cream.
      thankfully my fiancé has been pretty helpful.

      hardest part is not forcing your spouse to spiral downward with you.

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