How to Save Someone with Depression

beautiful… better than I could say it yet exactly what I wanted to say all along.

Tiny Poet, Big Words

I.You can’t.
Remember that now.
Just like you can’t be the oxygen
for someone already dead.

II.Don’t try to offer her happiness
in small, broken doses
or even in large ones-
she is an abyss,
how would she hold them?

III.Don’t repeat “it’s okay”
over and over and over.
To her you sound like static
when she desperately needs report
of an oncoming storm.
To her, everything is empty,
everything is static.

IV. When she howls,
howl with her.
When she wants
only to be a ghost
speak softly to her.

V. If the shadows come,
don’t try to fight them-
just hold her
if she’ll let you.

VI. Remember, she is not on fire
she is slowly burning out.

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2 thoughts on “How to Save Someone with Depression

  1. This is a great message. I would also like to stress as someone who has suffered immensely from this disease, that sometimes (especially for men) what can make all the difference and literally pull a man out of the depths of hell is a strong committed companion who pulls you out of bed, slaps you across the face and is willing to let go of masculine pride and show you how much you are needed by those are connected to you. This kind of faith in you will spark a fire, that at the very least equips you with goggles to keep the charcoal debris from hitting your eyes as you make you gradual and painful ascension from the seemingly endless pit of fire.

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