41. Therapy Day 1.


days into a different life
and I have made the decision that it is
time to see a therapist.

I was afraid.
Unsure of what to tell her or
what she would ask.

I feared how deep she would delve
into my personal dumpster of broken moments.
funny how easy it is to pour your heart out to
someone your paying to listen.

what a sad place we live where the only
way you can get someone to listen
is to pay them.

Yet dually what a wonderful world
where someone educated enough
to help can be paid to listen.

It went well.
better than I expected.
I feel refreshed to not feel crazy.


5 thoughts on “41. Therapy Day 1.

  1. The world is truly yours – your runway! Pose, smile, spin around, take it all in, you are immeasurable in possibilities…don’t be afraid.
    “Never let fear turn you against your playful heart” – Jim Carey

  2. I have enjoyed moving through your posts and photos andn have found a number of them inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey. And thank for stopping by The Noontimes. Peace . . .

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