38. Admit It..

“Rumors spreading all over my town but they are just stones and sticks.  On the microphone is where I go to get my fix.  Let the loving take ahold, it will if you let it, I’m funky not a junky but I know where to get it, no trouble no fuss, I know why, its so nice, to hear the same song twice.”


Be real.
Your just here
waiting for me to fail.

Its okay.
I’m just here.
waiting for me to fail.

Now that we agree that we are here
for the jerry springer entertainment
quality of my alter ego “Bree Paige”

Failure is not an option.
success is the only resolution.
patience is my biggest obstacle.
pride is the moral.

This is a cake walk.
Except I like pie better.
Lets have a pie walk.

I like pie.

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