Day 37. GlassRocks


deep within the earths core.

The heat rises and the carbon
sinks deeper and deeper.
Until it reaches its melting point.
and changes completely.

With enough pressure and
the right amount of patience.
Chemistry will emerge and
a bond will be made.

This bond will be fragile.
it will need the earth to carefully
and tenderly cradle it into existence.
for what would seem to be an eternity.

Eventually that little carbon will become
sturdy surrounded by a thick
shell of protective rock
and finally the magma will carry that
little carbon to the surface…

To be found by you..
Just an ugly dirty rock with
just a touch of sparkle in the right
amount of bright light.

You clean it
cut it, grind it, and
polish it into perfection.

You create the perfect cut
something to display the beauty
of this one special carbon.
that took an eternity to exist.

This perfect little
diamond in the rough…….

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