37.Give and it will be given to you.


37 Degrees
is the normal human body temperature in
degrees Celsius.

Don’t come near me at 35 Celsius.
I’m as COLD as ice.

At 40 Celsius I’m
steaming HOT

I’m not very nice either way.

who am I kidding.

A medicine man told me yesterday,
that I store my pain until I don’t know what to
do with it any longer and I explode.
He told me that I will forever have my life
hindered by this if I don’t seek help.
That I am making myself and my partner
miserable by blaming him for my issues with coping.

I’m so soft.

And gullible.

Those words hurt because they
are probably true.


I think I do tend to blame other people for my actions and my faults.  Its something that I am going to start recognizing from here on out.  I will try to hold myself accountable for my own actions and misdoings.


Today is going to be an amazing day.
The Sun is so bright I don’t even want to wear sunglasses.
time to tan the scars I have created.

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