36. Lost And Found Pen.

Our lives slowly morph into a beautiful timeline of memories.  Just as graphic and vulnerable as the history written across our books.  Each little notch indicating a brief excerpt of moments that  are already set in time.  Time that  cannot be changed or erased.  The memories that morph you into your existence.  A timeline to explain your scars and your wrinkles.  Something to remind you where you have come from, where you have been and that the future is unwritten.

Without the stifling of a pre-written future, you have an opportunity to create as many chapters as your heart desires.  They can vary in length and depth and they will still add to the bulk of your life. 

I have been trapped in my head.  Its just simply writers block.  Unfortunately a long case of writers block doesn’t stop your life from continuing on with the story.  Instead the story is written carelessly through cause and effect.  I have finally found my words again but I couldn’t find then pen to jot them down.  Now that my desk is stocked and my head is clear I have come to realize that I am still developing my story.  My character isn’t even established yet.  I have so many unwritten chapters that there is no predicting how my story will actually end at all.  The possibilities are endless.

I have never really been the best at anything.  I could say that I hold my own with most things.  But being “the best” has never really been me.  Deep down we all wish we could be as great as we imagine we can be.  Maybe we all are actually as great as we wish we could be we just have to be ready to see our own greatness.

be ready to change.
ready to take the pen and finish the story ourselves…


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