30. The Model


noun: model; plural noun: models

3. A person, typically a woman, employed to display clothes by wearing them.
“a fashion model”
synonyms: fashion model, supermodel, mannequin

“a runway model”
  • a person employed to pose for an artist, photographer, or sculptor.


    Has always been so important to me.
    I miss it.

    The bonds between two people who can make art is never ending.

    Being in front of the camera is such a rush.  A beautiful reminder of the talent that I possess.  A refreshing taste of how much chemistry I can make with just a touch of effort.  Artistic nudes MOVE ME.  I despise when someone can not recognize the difference between Art and Porn.  Clearly its a matter of opinion.  Porn could be considered art as well.  But there is something to a beautifully captured nude image of a woman just being a woman.  Just existing the way that god created her.  Even just standing behind the camera nude feels beautiful.  How fearless you feel with no clothing to cover you.  To conceal you.  Just bare, naked, YOU.

    Sadly, We easily can be pulled in the wrong directions.  My wrong directions cause shame to the people I care about.  My wrong decisions void my right decisions.  The moments captured in my past that I love the moments that changed me, molded me, created me.  The moments that gave me permission to be ME.  The permission to not be stifled and confined into a stigma.  I wish that we were all a little more open minded, free spirited, free thinking.  We only have one life to live.  It would be such a shame to hide the beauty that we all pocess.  I want to see, feel, breathe, smell, eat, engulf myself in the beauty of everything around me.

    I miss hearing the click of the camera.  The flash of the lights.  The pride in my image.

    I miss my confidence.




4 thoughts on “30. The Model

  1. As a person who has always been behind the camera, it’s interesting to hear your perspective having been in front of the camera. i’m sure you miss it. it must be a great rush. i wonder, though, why you say you miss ‘confidence.’ have you lost confidence not being in front of the camera? JT

  2. Hi Bree

    I came across one of your poems reblogged by another poet. Just by seeing your image, I knew I was getting judgmental. Thus, I decided to read more of your blogs; and I stopped here. I respect your opinion on nudity in art. From now on I would just read what you have to say through your blogs; no judging. Seriously. And you truly are beautiful. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Mera Corner and commented:
    I picked up
    Bits and pieces
    Of confidences
    That seemed
    To be lost
    In the lanes
    Of ‘modeling’ past

    But I survived
    I will survive
    Just as the dingy
    Surfing next
    To the huge ship
    Cheers for a life
    That continues
    To fill me
    With the joy
    It is associated with!

    A poem for Bree Paige- A fellow (beautiful) blogger!

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