30. The Battle


The worst part is not having anyone to hang out.
I find that I sit alone only I’m not alone at all.
which is worse than actual loneliness.
I remember this feeling.
I have had it before.
Its the feeling that makes you step back.
a relapse feeling.
The feeling that you are not worthy
of being a part of the crowd.
The black sheep feeling.
Its okay, At this point I’m used to not
being a part of the crowd.
I’m used to being the outcast.
I have begun to like being the black sheep…
its just a lonely world I guess…



Happens easier without the bitter sounds of others laughter and chatter to fill your ears.  Without the noise of machinery and chaos.  I miss sweet silence.  The ballroom of natural noises that will leave you gliding across the dirt dancing to the beauty of nature.  Like some sort of earthy Cinderella.

love itddd

One thought on “30. The Battle

  1. You are not alone, in your alone-ness. I am there too. I have NEVER “fit” with other human beings, from the time I was little. Introvert…yes…but somehow also more than just that, it feels like. I so get this. Like the black sheep quote.

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