Something to hide behind.
It can transform you into someone else.
It can trick the eye into seeing perfection.
You can stack them up,
take them off,
switch them out,
yet taking them off completely is
scarier than the masks worn by kids
they can make you magnificent.
they can make you scary.
You feel so safe when hidden from sight.
You feel so secure being hidden you forget
how to take them off.
It will feel as they have weaved into your
your skin and become a part of you.
Something to hide what your too afraid to show.
To afraid to know.
life is merely a masquerade.
we create safety with illusions.
illusions on our faces.
illusions of beauty, power, strength 
whatever needs to be conveyed.
to prevent any suspicions of the truth.
the painful realities that we hide.
the secrets that are stuck between layers
Layers that will never be as beautiful as
what lies beneath the never-ending stack.
our faces have forgotten what the warmth
of the sun feels like.
Our eyes burn just thinking about the painful
removal of something so protective.
My face craves the sun.


“All my life I was born to LEAD,
worry not just leave me be,
I’ll abide until the end,
and I’ll take it on the chin for you
my friend.”
-Kings of Leon 


4 thoughts on “29.

  1. But beneath them all is those fears that we carry with us all our lives. One day it is time to set them free…and you too. And on that day you are free…totally, beautifully free. And a new journey begins. One of happiness and a love that will not compare with anything before.
    I feel your heart in your words…wanting to break free…all you need to do…is let go. Namaste

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