26. Get Your Days Right



I AM ON 26!


Earlier, while I was being all emo, I didn’t realize that I didn’t cross yesterday off the calendar yet! (which normally happens at the end of the day)

Kinda Exciting!




I sure needed that today… a step forward instead of feeling like a took a step back a day.




3 thoughts on “26. Get Your Days Right

  1. Hey Bree, It should be optimistic, not optamistic, and I’m totally not being a mean person, I just thought I would let you know so you can change it if you want, since it’s in such big letters.
    Feel free to delete this comment

    • You know what is really funny…
      I changed it like 3 times and couldn’t figure out why spell check wasn’t giving me any hints on the correct spelling!.. hahah

      writing isn’t something that I have ever been very good at.

      This is just something I started to help me through my recovery and depression.

      I really enjoy blogging though and truly welcome advice in any way. No way whatsoever do I think your a meanie. In fact I really appreciate you taking the time AT ALL to even read my blog and CARE that I spelled something wrong…

      thank you


      please always feel free to give me positive advice on how to better my writing.

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